About Me

My name is J.P. and I retired in New York City with just over $2 million when I was 28.

I did this while making plenty of mistakes and in general being a human rather than a perfect financial robot.

I wholeheartedly believe that anyone making $50k-$60k+ can also do this by age 35, age 45 at the latest.


Life Is Messy…

Too many experts assume people can follow robotically rigid instructions forever, then act surprised when hurdles derail folks from their beautiful, elegant plan.

In short, these plans aren’t built for real life’s messiness. 

Money advice should come from the basic premise that we’re human and have human foibles and needs. An effective money plan involves building a system of automation and habits that does robotic work for you, leaving you free to be the human being that you are.

  • Address psychological distortions that tempt us to spend wastefully rather than ignore them
  • Automate stuff so it doesn’t drain our limited energy
  • Create fail-safes that will absorb and correct for our inevitable human mistakes


…So Focus Only On What Matters

Your attention will then be free to construct new elements of your automated system, and make it bigger and better. As with anything, there are a million ways to spend your time and effort, many of them terrible choices which are high in effort and low in reward.

I am a believer in the 80-20 rule.

  • 20% of the clients of a business can make up 80% of its profits.
  • 20% of your clothes probably get 80% of the wear.
  • And 20% of the things you can do to manage your money make up 80% of the impact on your net worth.

There are only four steps to building wealth. This blog helps you hone in on the 20% of efforts for each step that can have those 80% results. And where possible, it talks about how to build routines around them so that an initial investment of time and effort can continue to passively deliver results.


Wrest Back Control

More than anything, this blog is about building the tools and frameworks to feel in control of your money destiny.

You don’t have to live like a robot. You don’t have to be a genius or have an incredibly unique skill set. You simply need to show up and improve one small piece of your system each day. Build a habit of incremental improvement – a Money Habit – that carries you to early financial freedom. 

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