About Me

My name is J.P. and I retired in New York City with just over $2 million when I was 28.

I wholeheartedly believe that anyone making $50k-$60k+ can do this by age 35, age 45 at the latest.

How, you ask?

Focus On The Things That Matter

As with anything, there are a million ways to spend your time and effort, many of them terrible choices which are high in effort and low in reward.

I am a believer in the 80-20 rule.

  • 20% of the clients of a business can make up 80% of its profits.
  • 20% of your clothes probably get 80% of the wear.
  • And 20% of the things you can do to manage your money make up 80% of the impact on your net worth.

There are only four steps to building wealth. This blog helps you hone in on the 20% of efforts for each step that can have those 80% results. And where possible, it talks about how to build routines around them so that an initial investment of time and effort can continue to passively deliver results.

…And Only The Things That Matter

With so many demands for our attention, we need to be absolutely militant about telling the difference between things that are merely interesting and things that are actually significant.

It is interesting that you can save $500 a year by kicking your coffee habit, but is that the most significant option you have to impact your net worth, and is that small reward worth the significant cost to you (glazed monster eyes, claw hands, a general sense that the world is a terrible, terrible place)?

I don’t have the liability insurance to cover my injuries if I were to suggest that to the coffee drinkers out there. Instead, I will tell you that you can save or generate thousands of dollars each by: ignoring overblown details that part you from your cash, making these small changes when you eat out, harnessing a mortgage even when you don’t need one, or just allocating the right investments in the right account.

There are dozens more and you will ultimately adopt the ones that are best suited for your temperament, a system that works with your strengths.

Wrest Back Control

More than anything, this blog is about building the tools and frameworks to feel in control of your money destiny. It’s about thinking through all the ways your money can work for you: it’s strengths as well as its limitations. It’s about building an actual relationship with your money so you can manage it better.


Identify the significant. Master the 20% tactics that will yield 80% results. Rinse and repeat. That is the Money Habit. And this blog will teach you to develop it.