What It’s Like Being Retired: Rainy Afternoon Laziness


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I woke up at 3pm today. I would like to say that that is a very unique occurrence, but since I’ve retired it’s been a semi-frequent event.

The nice thing about being retired is that it takes what is usually a bad choice with negative consequences and completely neutralizes it. So what if I wake up at 3pm? Whereas before I would struggle through the day cranky and downing copious amounts of caffeine to stay awake at my job, now I just sleep in until my body is refreshed.

Even better, today it is raining, and I love the rain. There is an artisanal doughnut shop that sells savory donuts with flavors like Bacon Maple, Beet Ricotta, and Everything Bagel-flavor. So I took the Money Habit Hound out for an extra walk, and for $4 I got myself a unique treat to enjoy with my tea while enjoying the cold weather outside.

I will tell you that something magical seems to happen on weekday afternoons. It’s like the whole city takes a deep breath, and people are way more relaxed and friendly. I never go into a store that is more than a quarter full. Not infrequently, I am the only person in a store, or maybe one of two or three. In a city like New York, peak after-work hours usually brings elbow to elbow tables and crowded streets, so that’s a huge plus. The only time I had ever felt this way before was when Hurricane Sandy knocked out the power for a week in Lower Manhattan and people were walking around with flashlights and staying indoors with candles.

Being retired in a big city is like getting all of the pluses of being in a big city while removing a lot of the minuses (gruffness, crowds, noise). If I could only figure out how to bring the cost down, too, then it would be sheer magic. Alas, I’ll have to make do with these strategies, which keep the costs to a reasonable place. Still. It’s worth it.



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  1. Allan says:

    Just discovered your blog and immediately fell in Love with it. Love the Positivity. Keep up the good work!!!!

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