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The Biggest Early Retirement Myth

As a retiree at 28, I’ve discovered that early retirement doesn’t require you to be a genius or have an incredibly unique skill set. And it can be achieved without you becoming an emotionless robot.

Too many experts assume people can follow robotically rigid instructions forever, then act surprised when hurdles derail folks from their beautiful, elegant plan.

In short, these traditional plans aren’t built for real life’s messiness.

My own experience has proven that showing up every day is what counts. I have made plenty of mistakes along the way (which you will read about in the blog). Luckily, incremental improvement – the Money Habit – is a more powerful force than any human foible, and it has saved me every time.

Applied consistently, a Money Habit that creates steady, incremental improvement trumps everything else. It created $2 million of savings for me by the time I was 28, and it can help you achieve incredibly early retirement, too.


A Better Game Plan

If you haven’t been seeing the acceleration in your financial life that you hoped for, you are probably reading from the wrong playbook. Stop spending your strength unwisely. An effective money plan involves building a system of automation and habits that does robotic work for you, leaving you free to be the human being that you are. A good money plan will:

  • Address psychological distortions that tempt us to spend wastefully rather than ignore them
  • Automate stuff so it doesn’t drain our limited energy
  • Create fail-safes that will absorb and correct for our inevitable human mistakes

This blog aims to build that kind of playbook. It will take effort, but you are guaranteed to see results. We cover new strategies and frameworks to introduce into your life every week, strategies that acknowledge that you are human and are built to succeed not just despite your humanity but because of it.

Ready to get started? Below are some of my popular posts.


Most Popular Posts

Foundational Posts

The Four Step Blueprint to Retirement  –  The single most popular post on the blog, this covers the four variables that drive your retirement timeline and talks about what order you need to tackle them in for the fastest progress.

What Percent Are You? – Find out what percentile you rank in income. 

Teardown: How Much Do You Need To Retire?  –  Part of the Teardown series. My definitive post on how to calculate how much you need to retire. It talks through the research backing the assumptions I recommend for your calculation and walks you through three scenarios that will help you triangulate to your Goal Number.

Teardown: How to Build an Airtight Retirement Budget  –  The companion to the piece above. If you find the idea of how to calculate your whole future life overwhelming, this will walk you through it step by step.

Teardown: The Metrics You Need To Track For Financial Takeoff  –  I walk through what numbers I track in my life and the (free) tools I use to do it. This post has a picture of a rocket ship, which makes it particularly awesome.


Retirement Posts

What It’s Like Being Retired: A Week In The Life  –  One of the more recent posts in the What It’s Like Being Retired. Includes a calendar of an actual week being me (read: lazy).

What It’s Like Being Retired: 2AM Pancakes  –  Sometimes it’s about getting a good pancake.

Life As Art: Less Is More  –  One of the bigger happiness boosts I’ve gotten since retiring and how to apply it in working life.


Spending Posts

How Overblown Details Are Fleecing You of Cash  –  One of my absolutely favorite posts. This explains almost 100% of my regretted purchases.

How to Retire in a High Cost of Living Area  –  Some of the ways I save while living in NYC.

Proof Through Data: The Holidays Are a Mediocre Time To Purchase  –  I talk about “holiday deals” and the site I use year-round to ensure I’m getting a good deal on my purchases.


Investing Posts

Teardown: The Only Two Ways To Grow Your Money  –  A high level way to approach all your investing choices.

Interest Rates: A Breakdown In Your Retirement Strategy  –  A very short article that explains how interest rates play into the usual retirement strategy and how you should be changing your outlook.

Mortgage or All Cash For a House?  –  Why I think everyone should have a mortgage on their house in this environment, even if they can afford not to.


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