What It’s Like Being Retired: 2AM Pancakes

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A lot of people are curious what it’s like to be retired young. Because of that, I’m starting a new series of posts capturing memorable moments when they happen.


You ever find yourself tossing and turning in bed, something plaguing your mind as you struggle to fall asleep? When I was in finance, I used to have moments like these all the time. It was about some offhand, cutting comment my boss had made, or the ridiculous thing a banker did that messed up the deal process and created a bunch of extra work for me and my team.


So Thursday night at 2am, there I was, with that familiar feeling…and yet it was entirely different. As I lay staring up at the ceiling in the dark, all I could think about was pancakes.


Yes. Pancakes.


Not work colleagues. Not the unfairness of the world.


Just pancakes.


So I got up, and I made myself pancakes. Here they are.

 2am pancakess

And you guys, I enjoyed the crap out of those pancakes. Do you know what it’s like to have dreams you can fulfill on the spot? I felt like I had won the lottery! I felt like a kid in a candy store, being told I had carte blanche.  “Here I am. Here I am on a Thursday at 2am. Eating pancakes. Pinch me! And then have a pancake.


I even had an audience who bore witness to this dream come true.


2am pancake helper 2nd edit

 Pancake Helper. Not very qualified, but help is scarce at 2am and he took payment in goods.


This is the part I think friends really want to know about when they ask what is enjoyable about not working. In the past, I might have ignored my craving or got up and briskly “handled it”, then gone back to bed. But being able to enjoy them with nothing else on my mind, and knowing I had nowhere else to be the next day? You take the same experience and make it a joy rather than a task.


I savored those pancakes while watching bad television on Hulu. The whole experience cost me less than $1.25. But that freedom and mental peace made it feel like a mega-spa luxury. This is why freedom is priceless. Freedom takes $1.25 and turns it into a decadent experience fit for kings.



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